Successful marketing:
     start by establishing clear and
       concise goals!


Our clients become our partners; they are our focus and greatest
assets. When you select Lime Creek as your agency you get attention from the top down. Your primary contacts are the principals. We do all of your work in interact and
communicate with the people most committed to your success.

Our past and present clients include: Hearth & Home, Crystal
Farms, Siemens, Ericsson, Fieldworks, Es-cargo, Hurd Windows &
Doors, Glitz Gowns, Quadra Fire, Hammer LGC Inc., Klub Kadaddle, On the Grow Books, Miles W. Lord & Associates, Changer Services, The General Counsel, Ltd. and more. Call us for case studies.

Channel building, Sales management,
         Webcentric marketing, Online marketing,
  Advertising, International business,
     Sales training, Distribution and Sales meetings